The year 2015 was the most difficult year of our lives. And, yet, despite all of its challenges it's left us with invaluable lessons + strength to press on. The revelations that we've recieved have been immeasurable, and as we launch TheFallCo. this year, the bottom line is that walking by faith + walking in love AREN'T the easiest of tasks. 
What this business stands for + the community that I hope it will cultivate, means everything to me. 
If I could write anything that somewhat starts the story of this business, it would be found in my notes from a message that echoed my heart's desire so beautifully...
“"What it comes down to is that FAITH WILL EXPLORE what revelation reveals. It’s not good enough that I can tell you what belongs to me. It doesn’t do us good to walk around confessing/declaring what belongs to us unless we are willing to exercise/stir up our heart of FAITH + RISK, to explore the very things that we know God has truly given to us. Your faith will take you into what God has revealed to you is actually yours!””  ~loose notes from a message by B. Johnson
Let’s take this JOURNEY together….